Links & Reads – 2017 #1

Enjoy reading and exploring! After a break, here’s the first one for 2017!

Long(er) reads:

Java links:

JavaScript links:

Kotlin links:

New releases:

  • lichess 1.0 – ‘the forever free, adless and open source chess server’ with a Scala back-end

Nice stuff:

Links & Reads from 2015 week 1

What happened during the first week of 2015? Which read-worthy articles and blog-posts were published? Which handy projects were mentioned? Read on!







  • Databricks Spark Knowledge Base
  • Apex – ‘HTTP web applications for Vert.x’
  • cljsbuild-ui – ‘A user interface for the ClojureScript Compiler’
  • Databound – ‘Provides Javascript a simple API to the Ruby on Rails CRUD’
  • aja.js – ‘Ajax without XML : Asynchronous Javascript and JavaScript/JSON(P)’
  • NChat – pure JS chat server and client
  • Genson – ‘a fast & modular Java <> Json library’

Links & reads from 2014 Week 1

First one for this year! Enjoy reading and exploring!



Links & reads from 2013 Week 1

First, some music. Let it play

and let’s get it on.



  • jQuery jKit – a handy jQuery based UI toolkit
  • Elusive Icons – 270 icons optimized for Twitter Bootstrap
  • sparky.js – organize your structure, but don’t feel forced to use a MVC solution
  • game-icons – about a thousand free to use vector icons
  • Junior – a iOS native-lookish HTML5 Front-End Framework

As the first week of the year, it’s reasonable not to have a lot of new articles and announcements.