Links & Reads from 2015 Week 45

Enjoy reading and exploring!





New releases:

Nice stuff:

  • Flutter – build native mobile apps (Android and iOS) with Dart (related: Flutter style guide)
  • Irmin – ‘Git-like distributed, branchable storage’
  • Jug – R package for creating web APIs
  • Shortuuid – ‘Go library that generates concise, unambiguous, URL-safe UUIDs’
  • react-native-nw-react-calculator – ‘Mobile, desktop and website Apps with the same code’
  • WOPR – ‘a simple markup language for creating rich terminal reports, presentations and infographics’
  • Trix – ‘rich text editor for everyday writing’
  • Parallec – ‘Fast Parallel Async HTTP/SSH/TCP/Ping Client Java Library’ by eBay

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